zondag 28 juni 2015

birthday cake box *Maja Design*

Who want a piece of cake?
Made this pre made cake (Pipoos) with some Maja design papers.
Inside there is room for a small gift.
I used the Ska Vita En Fika and the Vintage Autumn collection to decorate it.

Decorated with the papers and added some Fiber Paste on top to imitate whipped creme.
Put the cake and a doily on a CD disk.

Some lace and ribbon.

Made some confetti from the papers as well.

Papers used:

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

woensdag 24 juni 2015

feel free canvas *13arts*

Today I have a mini canvas, created with 13arts products.

Used a brayer to applying all the paints and a stencil to create the background.

The feel free, create art stencil from 13arts.

This lovely metal butterfly is from a Dutch store, Xenos.

A small piece of some decorative ribbon jets and flowers from Scrapberry's, 
also available in the 13arts store.

Used some gesso to lighten the edges.

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

zondag 14 juni 2015

two baby cards *Maja Design*

Today two baby cards with the Vintage Baby collection from Maja Design.

Started these cards by glueing some strips of paper.
Gave it a touch of gesso to create a dreamy look.
Took two stencils, hearts and stars, both from 13arts, and some modeling paste.
Colored them with some pink and blue paint.

Here are some details:
The lovely polymer items are from Scrapberry's, you can find them at the 13arts store. 

Outlined some hearts with a white pen to let them stand out more.

The air balloons were cut out of the Maja papers as well.

And here is the boy card:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

maandag 8 juni 2015

Art canvas 50x20cm *13arts*

Today a big project from me.
It's a 50x20cm canvas with lots of 13arts products!

Started this project by glueing all the paintbrushes, buttons, some flowers, glass filler, 
decorative ribbon jets, mika flakes and grained grit. 
Painted it all with gesso.
Added all the pastel mists and once dry, some extra touches with gesso.

Wooden letters.

The beautiful tulle flowers and a white metal butterfly.

A mix of glass filler, mika flakes and the fine-grained grit.
Some platters with the Splash ink in white, turquoise and pink.

Some decorative ribbon jets for extra texture.

All of it got a touch of gesso.

Some chipboard gears and buttons.

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

zondag 31 mei 2015

lighthouse 60cm *Maja Design*

Today I want to show you this big lighthouse. It's 60cm!
Made this with the Vintage Baby collection form Maja Design.

I started this project by cutting small strips of the papers for the body of the lighthouse.

I attached a round canvas for extra stability of the lighthouse.
Filled this extra space with flowers, shells, pieces of wood and some netting.

I distressed all the edges of the strips.

Made this 'to the beach' sign with a piece of the paper. 
Outlined the edges and the text with a brown fine liner.

This rope was a bit to yellow so I gave it a coat of gesso to match the project.

The flowers got a touch of the gesso as well.

Some rolled flowers.

Papers used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

zaterdag 30 mei 2015

television *13arts*

Today I want to share this fun project with you.
I found this photo frame on sale and by adding an antenna it became a television! :)
With a photo of my two daughters, this must be my favorite channel for sure!

The inside is a piece of the All is Love papers.
The outside was created by glueing some kitchen paper towel.
I used the 13arts acrylic gel medium for this.
Placed all the gears and buttons.
This all got a firm coat of gesso.
Once dry, I added all the paints.
Some old jeans buttons became the control buttons and 
some metal wire were turned and twisted into an antenna.

The flowers were colored with the same paints.
Love to color my flowers in matching colors!
Except the lace flower, all the other flowers can be found in the store as well.

A piece of the decorative ribbon jets. 
Perfect for adding extra texture.

A metal piece from Scrapberry's.

Some gear chipboard, mini buttons and colored flowers.

And of course some 13arts twigs!

13arts products used:
decorative ribbon jets 

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx